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Traditional packaging of pastes in crucibles - also the classic can be moved forward. Try the screw crucible, you will not want to return to the old-fashioned tipping lid.
Compact, comfortable packaging of workshop foaming soap, which is usefull in any conditions. Despite a small dimension of the bottle, you can create up to 1000 doses of very effective washing agent.
A part of each bottle X is a pump, which enables you to dose ISOFA comfortably as well as hygienically. Bottle X can be fixed to wall with an easy holder.
Abrasive free industrial soaps can be dosed by dispensers TEAM. You can refill them only with soft pouches with volume 650 g. Industrial soap provides up to 325 doses of thick and highly pefumed soap, FOAM provides up to 1300 doses of thick foam.
Application GROUP provides you well designed and resistant dispenser. Using of bags enables you to save the nature, because after the consumption you remove just the bag without the dosing system.
The stainless steel wall holder COMP looks robustly and is suitable for every workshop. It is possible to choose from holder with or without lock.
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Choose the power according to the tachometer of effectivity

The most dermally tolerated products from the range are abrasive-free workshop soaps. FOAM is foaming and is intended for usually resistant dirts in places where ordinary soaps fails
The abrasive free industrial soaps are the most dermally tolerated products from the range of ISOFA. FOAM is intended for usually resistant dirt there, where usual cosmetic soaps fails.
Professional washing paste and liquid paste for hands, intended especially to building industry as well as other branches.
Professional washing gel and liquid washign paste intended for removing of strongly resistant dirts from skin. HARD Perfectly removes dirt, which arises in garages, technical services or heavy industry.
Don‘t you care about how much will get dirty at your work? If you go on maximum, you must choose MAX.

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